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Dartington Winemaster Carafe

This elegant carafe is designed to serve all types of wine. Young and old. Red, white and rose. The dimple base helps aeration which releases the flavors and provides a useful handhold for pouring. The long crystal neck guarantees that your wine is decanted cleanly and smoothly into your glass. Almost any still wine will can be improved instantly with decanting. Those most likely to benefit are young reds and older, tougher wines. The extra aeration sets the flavors of young wines free, while any deposits in more mature wines are easily removed. You should always decant wine between one and four hours before serving, depending on the age and origin of your wine. Firstly, remove the capsule and wipe the neck of the bottle with a cloth. Next, remove the cork before wiping the neck clean once again. Finally, pour the wine into the wine carafe. The results speak for themselves.

Dartington Winemaster Carafe Dimensions:10.6"H

Dartington Winemaster Carafe Capacity: 25.4 OZ.