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Dartington Winemaster Champagne Flutes

Champagne and sparkling wines vary greatly in style. That means the way your Champagne flute presents the flavors needs to be as neutral as possible to make sure you get a pure representation of the flavors of your bubbly, regardless of the type you are drinking. These Champagne glasses do just that. They have been modeled on professional tasting glasses and display each sparkling wine's characteristics to the full. The fine crystal bowl shows off the visual aspects of Champagne, while a narrow lip keeps the threads of bubbles flowing. It's a great glass to hold too. The long slender stem makes this a perfectly balanced glass and keeps warm hands well away from the wine.Set of 2.

Dartington Winemaster Champagne Flute Dimensions: 9.3"H

Dartington Winemaster Champagne Flute Capacity:6.8 OZ.