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Dartington Winemaster Merlot Wine Glasses

The Merlot Wine Glass was created to enhance the flavors of this popular and widely grown grape variety. The Merlot based wines of California and Chile, and increasingly the rest of the New World, differ in structure from the classic Merlot wines of France and Italy. The key difference is that New World Merlot is higher in alcohol and lower in acidity. To truly appreciate the difference in flavor, you need a wine glass that has been designed for the job. Just like this one. The bowl shape of this wine glass releases the warm aromatic tones of the wine, while the sharply tapered lip creates a freshness, capitalizing on the wine's natural acidity for an extremely balanced taste. it's a particularly superb wine glass for Iberian wines made with the Tempranillo grape. And it's great with Southern Rhone reds made from Grenache too. That's good news for fans of Rioja or Chateauneuf du Pape. Set of 2.

Dartington Winemaster Merlot Wine Glass Dimensions: 8.1"H

Dartington Winemaster Merlot Wine Glass Capacity: 17.2 OZ.