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Dartington Winemaster Burgundy Wine Glasses

The Burgundy Wine Glass is a rewarding addition to the collection of any red wine enthusiast. Drinking the great red wines from an unsuitable wine glass will mean you miss out on many of the subtle aromatic nuances and textures that define them. With this glass, you won't miss a thing. The large, wide bowl of these wine glasses allow the complex aromas of the wine to harmonize. That's essential for a great taste. A wide lip also helps to rein in the high acidity of some red wines while enhancing the creamy textures. As well being excellent for claret, this versatile red wine glass brings to life the flavours of ravishing reds such as Barolo and Barbaresco.Set of 2.

Dartington Winemaster Burgundy Wine Glass Dimensions: 9.1"H

Darlington Winemaster Burgundy Wine Glass Capacity: 22 OZ.