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Winekeeper 8 Wine Bottle Magnum

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It is WINEKEEPER’S most versatile unit. It’s shallow depth (only 15") is ideal for use on narrow, back bar counters. A specialized, forced air refrigeration system with automatic defrost provides increased temperature control and cooling capacity. Standard sizes range from 6 to 16 bottles with a movable divider to separate temperature zones for white and red wines. The MAGNUM is available in most hardwoods, brass, stainless steel or anodized aluminum, and can be ordered in a "see-through" design with dispensing from either or both sides.

Two-stage regulator, lights & thermometer.
Insulated glass doors, moveable divider wall and 8' remote nitrogen tubing with quick-connect.
Refrigeration: auto defrost, 120 volt, 60 HZ., 3 amps.
Temperature range is 42 to 65 F.
The required minimum vented air space is 1" each side, 3" behind and 12" above unit.
The Magnum is designed to be clad in a variety of plastic laminates, anodized aluminum, stainless steel or brass.
It is available in most hardwoods.
The Magnum is also available in a see-through version, front venting , and/or faucets on both sides

Capacity: 8 Bottles (Any Combination Available)

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