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Winekeeper 3 Bottle Vintner Wine System

Make Your Dreams a Reality Now and Fall into Fantastic Savings!!

This system is great for restaurant and home use keeping the wine fresh and saves money. It consists of a 3 bottle oak cabinet with laquer finish (with room in the back to conceal the canister and regulator), brass bottle holder, 3 Stopper-Faucets, regulator, disposable canister, quick-connects & tubing. Preserve your favorite wines! Enjoy wines by the glass, while a pressurized blanket of nitrogen protects your wines from oxidation.

Disposable canister (good for 20 bottles)
Deluxe regulator
3 Stopper dispensers
Tubing with quick-connect valve
Simple instructions.
Ideal for home use
Houses regulator and disposable nitrogen canister - good for up to 24 bottles
Can be upgrades to a remote refillable nitrogen cylinder for commercial use.
Choice of either Oak or Mahogany woods.
Quick disconnect fittings allow for refrigeration of white wines.
Two-stage Regulator
Required minimum air space for proper venting is 3" behind and 12" above the unit.

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