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The Wine Badge

Reveal your wine with The Wine Badge identification system. The Wine Badge allows you to identify all of your racked/stacked wines at a glance. Simple to use, this complete 50-piece system transforms any wine rack into an organized display you can be proud of. You'll even be able to identify your wines from the bottom of your bottles with our custom adapters. This unique wine gift set is a thoughtful gift for the wine lovers in your life.

The Wine Badge gift set includes:
(12) holders
(2) bottle bottom adapters
(12) white wine inserts
(24) red wine inserts
(36)loop fasteners (to go with the 36 inserts)

The Wine Badge holder: The Wine Badge holder works exclusively with the Wine Badge insert. The black coloring blends seamlessly into your collection so that The Wine Badge insert is what you and your friends notice.

The Wine Badge insert: The Wine Badge insert is color-coded for easy identification of red or white wine. The display area includes three printed lines in which you can write the information that you want to use to identify an individual bottle of wine. The Wine Badge insert can be written on with just about any writing instrument but for bold identification a permanent marker works best. It is designed to easily slide in and out of the Wine Badge holder and to securely remain in position at all times without rotating.

The Wine Badge bottle bottom adapter: Does your wine rack force you to have some bottles with the bottom facing out? No problem for the Wine Badge. Simply slide a bottle bottom adapter onto the bottom of the bottle and now your Wine Badge holder will easily attach and display the information. No need to pull each bottle out anymore to find the one that will be used for dinner!

Most wine connoisseurs take pride in their wine collections. Why not display them with pride as well? The Wine Badge identification system provides a sophisticated way to Reveal Your Wine.