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Make Scents of Wine 54 Aroma Master Kit

Make Scents of Wine / Le Nez du Vin is based on the best selling book by Jean Lenoir. The collection has been updated for the new millenium to replicate the delicate flavors of wines from around the globe.

What is it for?
Developing the sense of smell We all have a very sensitive sense of smell but practice helps us to recognize and identify the different aromas present in wine.

Learning the language of wine:
How can we detect the aromas in wine if they are not stored in our scent memory or if we cannot put a name to them? Jean Lenoir approaches the problem as if he were writing a dictionary, introducing us to aromas and helping us remember them as if we were learning a foreign language. The collection provides users with a way of communicating their love of wine.

Improving our appreciation of wine:
We all enjoy drinking wine but that pleasure is heightened if we are able to appreciate different tastes and assess the wine's richness and complexity.

Features of the Make Scents of Wine 54 Aroma Master Kit:
- 54 Aroma Vials: These are the typical aromas found in white and red wines from France and around the world. They give us an indication of the wine's origin and the grape variety as well as the vineyard, the winemaking techniques used and the aging conditions. Memorizing these aromas gives an accurate an coherent vocabulary to further stimulate our appreciation of fine wines.
- 54 Illustrated Explanatory Cards: These cards specify the aromas and the corresponding molecules and list the wines in which they are found.
- A NEW 120 page Booklet: This explains why the taste of wine depends on its aromas and suggests three different methods of initiation: 1. from aromas to wine, 2. from grape varieties to aromas, 3. from the vineyards to the aromas
- Presented in a newly designed cloth-bound case