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The Bartender's Black Book (Tenth Edition)

The Bartender's Black Book, the bestselling bartending guide on the market, is now in its tenth edition, and, still with twice the amount of drink recipes than any other, remains the most comprehensive and user-friendly drink recipe book for the home and professional bartender. What's new? Sake, and lots of it.Six pages of the rice-based beverage, including types, serving etiquette, flavor profiles, food matching, history and lore, and much more. They're 150 added drinks, including those in a new Low-Cal Concoctions section, an expanded glossary, and Robert M. Parker's updated Vintage Guide. The Bartender s Black Book is now even the most environmentally conscientious bar guide with tips on how to green your home and/or commercial bar. The Bartender's Black Book still employs the classic features that made it famous: an index by ingredients, in-depth mixing instructions, metric conversion tables, a list of every possible garnish, sections on hot drinks, frozen drinks, beers, ales, lagers, and malternatives, and Cunningham's Glossary of Club, Restaurant and Bar Terms, and Slang (Samples Below). Weisenheimer(n): slang, an obnoxious person; someone who thinks their banter is clever or humorous, even though others may not. Wounded Soldier (n): a beer that has been opened, partially consumed and left to die. See Soldier, and Dead Soldier.