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Rubber Beer Bottle Bands

This set of 12 colorful rubber bands fit around beer bottles to mark your drink as well as your state of mind. Don't you just hate to grab the wrong beer bottle and share spit (ick) with folks you would not be inclined to share with? And, really now, if you live out in the country, you might even grab an bottle someone uses for a chew spit bottle. Perish the thought. Well, here is the solution to all your pig pickin, tailgating or parties of any type - the Beer Bottle Bands. They are just like bracelets to slip around your beer. Then, you know which one is yours and which one is not. Not only are these helpful if you have rowdy friends who get a bit out of hand (and confused), the Beer Bands are cute and fun. Even your uptown buddies will love them. They make a little fashion statement as well as having funny sayings printed on them.