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Nuance Wine Finer & Corkscrew Set

A perfect combination. The Nuance wine finer and cork screw is a great pairing of design and function. The Nuance cork screw is perfect for both traditionel corks and the new plastic corks that are getting quite common in many winerys around the world. The foil is cut cleanly and precisely with the sharp wheel. The dual action loosen the cork before it is effortlessly and elegantly pulled. Once the wine bottle is open, the Wine Finer allows you to decant a bottle of wine in just 30 seconds while pouring it into the glasses. The elegant pourer filters out all sediments, pieces of cork and tartar, while a rushing sound of bubbles gives evidence of the efficient oxidizing process. The drip catcher ensures that not a drop is spilled instead the wine runs back into the bottle. A small close-fitting lid keeps any leftover wine fresh for later use.