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Laguiole en Aubrac Mammoth Fossil Ivory Corkscrew

Laguiole en Aubrac Mammoth Fossil Ivory (fossil over 10,00 years old from Siberia), High Polish Stainless Steel. Each Laguiole en Aubrac corkscrew is assembled entirely by hand and signature marked by the same master craftsman. Each Laguiole en Aubrac is made in the Laguiole area of France, in the pure Laguiole tradition. Finely serrated blade and bottle opener combination. Cone-shaped filet worm gradually tapers from 3.8 mm down to a fine point at the tip for a truly positive grip of the cork. Smoothly arched boot lever rests lightly on the bottle rim. 4-3/4 long. Each Laguiole en Aubrac comes in a mahogany finished wood box.