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Make Scents of Wine 12 Aroma Faults Kit

The Make Scents of Wine Faults Kit is a perfect compliment to the Master Kit!

Questions Addressed:
- What are the major faults in the aromas of wine?
- How to recognize them?
- How did these faults occur?
- How and when can they be avoided?
- Can we eradicate them or lessen their effects?

Features Make Scents of Wine 12 Aroma Faults Kit:
12 Aroma Vials
A Booklet
Presented in a cloth-bound book

Aroma Vials Make Scents of Wine 12 Aroma Faults Kit:
1) Vegetal, 2) Rotten Apple, 3) Vinegar, 4) Glue, 5) Soap, 6) Sulphur, 7) Rotten Egg, 8) Onion, 9) Cauliflower, 10) Horse, 11) Mouldy-Earth, 12) Cork

These 12 reference molecules are directly linked to the moecular composition of thes wines affected enabling the 12 faults most commonly found in wines to be memorized and identified.

Producers and consumers can now consult this guide at the slightest hint of problem. This kit is often used by wineries to test wines for faults! You will immediately know when the waiter has brought you a bad bottle!!