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Chateau Laguiole Ebony Grand Cru Waiters Corkscrew

Chateau Laguiole corkscrews are hand-crafted since 1850 in southern France. They are designed by Guy Vialis, a master knife and corkscrew designer. Chateau Laguiole corkscrews are made from highest quality stainless steel, with handles crafted from a variety of horns and woods. The lever has 3 functions (lever, bottle opener and serrated foil cutter ). The serrated foil cutter on the lever functions smoothly and efficiently. It is designed for stability and ease of use .The beautifully carved bee on every Chateau Laguiole corkscrew represents its authenticity. Chateau Laguiole's also feature beautiful file worked spines. Every wine enthusiast will enjoy the feel and weight of these magnificent handmade tools. Made in France with a lifetime warranty. Grand Cru Model feature reinforced bolsters. The handle is crafted from real, rare Cameroon Ebony wood pictures simply don't do it justice!