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Wine Soiree L/S

Wine Soiree L/S is for the luxury of enjoying wine and designed for the sporty wine drinker on the go. Inherently wine drinkers are social people, popping from one party to the next. Always happy to pair a bottle of wine with their next favorite occasion – an easy and accessible wine decanter that can travel safely and rapidly with its owner is just obvious.

Whether you or a wine lover you know is on the go and loves to enjoy wine as they travel the Soiree L/S is for you!

Wine Soiree L/S features:

  • Full zipper surround -Zipper pull-ring fits on the top of a wine bottle (great for gifting or travel)
  • Comes with a Soiree glass in-bottle decanter.
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Made of Pyrex
  • Prevents Dripping
  • Aerates your wine as you serve it. NO waiting!
  • The Soiree allows you to decant just the portion of wine you want – a glass or a carafe. Controllable aeration enables you to vary the pouring angle for more or less aeration