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Wine Soiree Decanter Aerator

The Wine Soiree Decanter Aerator is a wine accessory that fits into any standard corked wine bottle, and comes with an extra gasket that will work with any screw cap bottle; allowing you to pour, without dripping, directly through the Soiree. Once you place the Soiree in the wine bottle, the Soiree aerates your wine as you pour it. The Soiree allows you to decant just the portion of wine you want - a glass or a carafe. The Wine Soiree Decanter Aerator can also be used to pour the wine into a decanter, further expediting the "opening" of your wine. The Soiree has dimples in the glass increasing the surface area of the glass which not only agitate the wine, but infuse more oxygen in the wine. Soiree is the perfect bottle-top wine aerator. Soiree fits securely into any wine bottle allowing you to pour, without dripping directly through the Wine Soiree Decanter Aerator. By pouring wine with a Soiree, the Wine Soiree Decanter Aerator creates an intermediary stage where the wine is infused with oxygen and then cascades into your glass. In using the Soiree to aerate your wine, you will notice the subtleties and character of the wine emerge immediately upon entering your glass. Wine Soiree Decanter Aerator delivers a truly open wine just by pouring through it! The included stand allows you to place the Soiree decanter on a counter after use.