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VinOAir Wine Aerator

The VinOAir Wine Aerator is a combination - wine aerator, wine pourer and dripless stopper, all in one!

What makes the VinoAir Wine Aerator a better wine aerator?
The patent pending vinoAir wine aerator has a specially designed venturi chamber which pulls twice the vacuum as the leading venturi aerators. Most aerators pull 10 inch vacuum and the vinoAir pulls a 20 inch vacuum.

The design of the vinoAir wine aerator was done to develop a pocket sized aerator and dripless stopper that can be easily transported in a travel bar, taken to restaurants/tastings, and also be easily carried along with an opener by wait staff. It isn't the size of the aerator that determines how effective it is --- is the vacuum pull of the venturi in the aerator that determines the success in opening up wines.

How does the vinoAir compare to other aerators?
The vinoAir wine aerator was tested by several San Francisco Bay Area chefs/restaurant owners prior during its development. The vinoAir scored high in all blind taste tests and was a favorite over the currently best selling Vinturi due to the ability to leave the aerator in the bottle as a wine pourer and not risk drips on the table as the aerator is moved to another glass ­ and it was not necessary to hold the aerator steady over either a glass or a decanter. The vinoAir also scored high marks over the Nuance Wine Finer based on the speed of pour ­ the Nuance is much slower. The solid food grade plastic of the vinoAir was found superior to the silicon of the Nuance as it did not retain any aroma from the pouring.