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Vinnibag Inflatable Travel Wine Bag

Do You Fly, Drive, Ride, Hike, Ski, or Sit at a Desk?
VinniBag is a reusable travel bag with inflatable air chambers that protect and insulate wine bottles, other liquids, and fragile items. It’s designed to provide superior protection against impact and leakage, is easy to use, and stores flat, rolled or folded when not in use.

VinniBag is a Versatile Traveling Companion
Traveling with wine, olive oil or just regular toiletries can be awkward at best, disastrous at worst. But whether it’s in your checked suitcase or carry on luggage, the car trunk, a duffel bag or backpack, traveling with wine and other liquids requires protection for the contents as well as the surrounding items.

And if You Don’t Ever Leave Your Desk
VinniBag is a great gift item for your favorite wine lover, frequent flier, backpacker, skier, etc. Of course, you can use it too as a bath pillow, headrest, or great lumbar support while you’re stuck at your desk.