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Vineyard Jazz CD

A bold, lively collection of music showcasing contemporary jazz at its finest. Featuring some of the genre's most highly regarded artists such as Gregg Karukas, Kilauea featuring Daniel Ho, Phil Sheeran, Peter Kater and Jeff Burak.

The Vineyard Jazz CD Play List
1. Never Look Back by Kilauea
2. Catalina Wind by Gregg Karukas
3. Breaking Through by Phil Sheeran
4. Speaking Without Words by Mark Sloniker
5. Magic Smiles by Gregg Karukas
6. With Every Smile by Peter Kater
7. Along the Way by Paul Gilreath
8. Holiday by Checkfield
9. Easy Like Spring by Peter Kater
10. Bright Wish by Mark Sloniker
11. Everything's Alrightby Phil Sheeran
12. Next Time by Jeff Burak
13. Until Tomorrow by Paul Gilreath