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Vacu Vin WineTender & Rapid Ice Cooler

The WineTender is a product that has been designed to serve your bag-in-box wine in style. It incorporates a feature that will chill wine within ten minutes and keep it cool for hours. Simply take the wine bag with tap out of the box and place it in the WineTender. For serving chilled wines you need to store the Rapid Ice cooling elements in the freezer before inserting them into the Wine Tender and placing the wine bag in position. The top can be inserted in the base for easy storage or take away.

Product Features of the Vacu Vin WineTender & Rapid Ice Cooler:
Holder + stand for up to 3 Litre wine packs
Chills wine after 10 minutes
Keeps wine cool for hours
For indoor and outdoor use
Ideal for barbecue, party, picnic or buffet
Can be used without the Rapid Ice cooling element
Store Rapid Ice cooling element in the freezer