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The Wine Whisk

Seriously, who has time to wait for wine to breathe in a decanter? Forget waiting twenty minutes for wine to breathe in a decanter! This combination whisk and bottle stopper of the Wine Whisk immediately aerates wine right in its glass. Simply pour your wine into a glass, then froth the wine briskly in the glass using the Wine Whisk. Wait a few seconds for the bubbles to fade, then enjoy. The results are dramatic, You won't believe the difference aftr using the Wine Whisk! The Wine Whisk instantly softens and improves the wine's bouquet and taste. No more tart or tangy sensation. The Wine Whisk ws specially designed as a combination whisk and bottle stopper, the Wine Whisk also defizzes champagne and stirs mixed drinks making it the perfect bar utensil. The Wine Whisk is the perfect multi-purpose bar and kitchen utensil for stirring mixed drinks, stopping olive oil and vinegar bottles, and of course, whisking whatever needs whisking.