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The Wine Clip

The Wine Clip uses principles of magnetics to improve the taste of wine as it is being poured out of the bottle. The effect is instantaneous, and has been found by many wine professionals to result in a genuine improvement in flavor and mouth feel, especially when used on red wines. Wine experts agree that The Wine Clip can enhance the taste of wine, making it smoother, less bitter and more refined. Simply attach The Wine Clip to the neck of your wine bottle and pour. Instantly, you'll experience.A smoother, less-tannic taste. A more pleasant aroma.A more enjoyable wine experience.It doesn't matter whether you're a connoisseur or a casual wine drinker, whether you're opening a $10 bottle of merlot or a $300 bottle of cabernet sauvignon. Attach The Wine Clip before pouring and your wine will taste smoother, more refined and infinitely satisfying. In blind taste tests with more than 1,000 participants, the result is always the same: wine is more enjoyable when accompanied by The Wine Clip. Give yourself the experience. The Wine Clip is warranteed for a lifetime.The Wine Clip may also accelerate aeration, by drawing higher concentrations of oxygen to the wine as it is being poured.