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The Wine Check (With Shipping Insert)

The Wine Check features durable, high quality Cordura nylon, reinforced stitching, 1 inch padded sides, top, and bottom, full zippered top for easy access, carrying handles and pull strap with wheels. It is foldable when the shipper box is removed, so it can easily fit inside your travel luggage, and all widely available Styrofoam insert wine shippers (12 bottle) will fit inside once you arrive at your first winery!

For those who need both the Wine Check and the shipper box that includes the styrofoam insert, we've got the package for you! (to significantly reduce shipping cost, choose only The Wine Check, and procure your own shipper box and insert at your local shop, winery, or destination)

The Wine Check Dimensions:22"H x 16"W x 17"D

The Wine Check Model Number: 3562