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Stolzle Glencairn Scotch Whisky Glass

Put whiskey on a pedestal with Glencairn whiskey glasses. In the long and illustrious history of whisky, there has never been a single definitive glass that the whisky world could call its own. Over the years, whisky has been served in anything from shot glasses to wine glasses. Now following in the tradition of Scottish innovation, The Glencairn Glass has arrived. Combining the knowledge and expertise of some of the whisky world's leading innovators, The Glencairn Glass' roots lie in the traditional nosing glasses used by master blenders around the world. The crystal and glass specialist, Glencairn Crystal of Scotland who have an intimate knowledge of the whisky world's needs and requirements, brought together the industries biggest companies to create a glass for the whisky industry, by the whisky industry. A glass for whisky...Finally, from Stolzle.

Dimensions of the Stolzle Glencairn Canadian Whisky Glasses:
Height: 4-1/2                              Capacity: 6 oz