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Stoelzle Oberglas Fire Decanter

Set a new standard for impeccable quality in your bar with the Stolzle Fire Decanter! The Fire series represents the highest level in innovative stemware. Made of 100% lead free crystal, Stolzle Fire Decanter provides higher clarity and brilliance than glassware that contains lead. A deft blend of style and function, this Stolzle Fire Decanter will add beauty to the table while bringing out the best in your red wines. The smooth touch and delicate chime of the Stolzle Fire Decanter lets your guests know they are receiving the very best product and service possible. The Stolzle Fire Decanter is perfect for dedicated home tasters seeking a new plateau in crystal aesthetics. The 100% lead free Stolzle Fire Decanter undergoes a fire tempering process that increases hardness and durability, resulting in less glass breakage. 26 oz.

Dimensions of the Stoelzle Oberglas Fire Decanter:
Height 11-1/4"                       Capacity 26oz