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Stoelzle Oberglas Champagne Glasses (Set of 6)

Our Vinea crystalline stemware offers high quality at an affordable price. The Stoelzle Oberglas Champagne Flutes features a smaller mouth, which captures the bouquet of your favorite wine, and a large cup, which allows the wine to breathe correctly. The result is a splendid combination of balance and clarity. The melted-crystal glass of the Stoelzle Oberglas Champagne Flutes is lead-free and reaches the highest standards regarding brilliance, breaking strength, resonance, and scratch and dishwasher resistance. Produced in Germany, the professional design and high-tech production Stoelzle Oberglas Champagne Flutes guarantees optimum function and elegance of the stems. The Stoelzle Oberglas Champagne Flutes are the Official glass of the James Beard Foundation in New York. The Vinea crystalline stemware has six styles, each designed to enhance the flavor and bouquet of a specific type of wine.

Benefits of the Stoelzle Oberglas Champagne Glasses:
Brilliant crystal and robust quality meet the requirements of demanding hosts for beautiful and timeless design.
The glass’ three-point-support ensures absolute stability whilst laser cutting and smelting around the rim guarantee perfect drinking enjoyment.
The surface of the brilliant crystal glasses is made harder, more durable and visually pleasing via an additional fire polishing process.