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Spiegelau Authentis Wine Decanter

The Spiegelau brand has become synonymous with prestige quality glassware especially in the area of connoisseur wine glasses to leading world sommeliers, wine connoisseurs and discerning gourmet product retailers. Spiegelau is dedicated to producing the very best wine glasses possible. This means bringing to the market glasses of the highest quality and aesthetics as well as durability and value, with the goal of making the wine experience a pleasurable, fun part of today’s exciting lifestyle. This Spiegelau Authentis Decanter features a generous 35-ounce full capacity, and a design with a wide base silhouette. Made in Germany of lead-free crystal, this decanter provides an attractive wine serving vessel at the table, as it functions to expose the wine to more oxygen and surface area, allowing the wine to develop to its full potential.

Dimensions of the Spiegelau Authentis Wine Decanter:
Height 11-1/2"                         Capacity 35oz