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Ravi Instant Wine Chiller

Ravi, a North-American invention, is the modern, convenient, affordable and above all effective way to cool your wine to the ideal temperature. Wine goes from the shelf to the glass perfectly chilled in seconds! The Ravi's cooling process is about 40 times faster than any other product on the market. Simply remove Ravi from the freezer, then fit it over your bottle and pour. Wine passes through the cold stainless steel interior tube into the glass, instantly chilling the wine to a tasty temperature. Ravi is based on the innovative concept of cooling wine the very moment it's served. It's not the bottle that is cooled, but the wine itself. The cooling process takes place as the wine passes through the ravi. With an internal tube made from the same stainless steel used for fermentation tanks, ravi maintains the wine's characteristics and never alters the taste. With ravi you don't have to wait impatiently until wine reaches the ideal temperature in the bottle before serving it. Place ravi on the neck of the bottle and in mere seconds you can enjoy wine cooled to exactly the right temperature. Size: 7-1/2"H x 2-1/4"W Instructions included.