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Ravenscroft Vintner's Choice Champagne Glasses - Set of 4

Ravenscroft Vintner's Choice Champagne glass concentrates nutty, yeasty aromas of great sparkling wine. Champagne like all cool climate wines require a tight bowl that will bring into focus and concentrate the delicate perfume of such wines. The Ravenscroft Vintner's Choice Champagne glass, has etching at the center of the bowl preserves and centers the stream of escaping effervescence is the perfect precision tool for the privilege of Champagne. Sadly, many wine lovers miss the beautiful perfume of Champagne. This will not happen with the Ravenscroft Vintner's Choice Champagne glass. Experience the world's most exciting classily formed Champagne glass and never miss the complete privilege of Champagne again! If all of this were not enough Ravenscroft Vintner's Choice is the definition of affordable elegance. The quality is unsurpassed and cost is such a delight to the discriminating wine lover in us all!

Dimensions of the Ravenscroft Vintner's Chocie Champagne Glasses:
Height: 9-1/2 in.                                             Capacity: 9-1/2 oz.

The Ravenscroft Vintner's Chocie Champagne Glasses is recommended for:
Prestige Cuvee, Rosé Champagne, Vintage Champagne and Vintage sparkling wine.