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Ravenscroft Invisibles Burgundy / Pinot Noir Glasses (Set of 4)

The most discriminating understand that a wine glass should be invisible. A wine glass should not compete. Ravenscroft Invisible wine glasses enhance pleasure by not distracting. They are practically invisible and weightless… Like air. The perfect wine glass precisely controls bouquet and palate attack and then disappears. Tactile and sensual, a Ravenscroft Invisible is the greatest wine glass ever created. Lead-free, and whisper light in precisely tuned shapes, Ravenscroft Invisible glasses are the perfect wine glass for the sensualist within all of us. The seductively sheer rim provides a whistler-like mouth-feel experience, while the tight chimney and deep rounded bowl allows dense fruit-driven lower alcohol wine to concentrate their bouquet and immerse the senses in the most intense experience possible.

The Dimensions of the Ravenscroft Invisibles Burgundy/Pinot Noir Glasses:
 Height 8-1/4 in.                                 Capacity 24-3/4 oz.

The Ravenscroft Invisibles Burgundy/Pinot Noir is Recommended for:
Barbaresco, Burgundy, Grand Cru, Beaujolais, Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir