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Peugeot Mathus Corkscrew

Mathus takes the blade-style corkscrew to a new level with ergonomically sound design principles and superior materials. Oenophiles (wine lovers and experts) know all too well how fragile some natural corks can be. Blade-style corkscrews do not penetrate the cork. Instead, the blades are eased in between the cork and bottle, so they squeeze the cork. It can then be extracted with minimal risk of damaging the wine or the cork. This type of opener can also be very effective in removing corks that have been broken by a corkscrew, but it should be noted that blade-style openers should never be used with synthetic corks. Protected by a decorative sheath when not in use, Mathus comes gift boxed and is covered by a 10-year warranty against manufacturing and materials defect.