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Peugeot Esprit 180 Champagne Glasses (Set of 4)

Peugeot's Esprit 180 wine glasses are mouth-blown and pulled in the purest tradition of glass making. The five glasses of the Esprit 180 Collection are eye-catching by their elegance and fineness both in the bowl rim, which almost disappears when in contact with your lips, and the conical globe base with its slender stem. Each glass is designed to maximize the pleasure of tasting wines from around the world. All Esprit 180 wine glasses fit in the top rack of dishwashers (with the exception of the champagne glass). Peugeot Esprit 180 Champagne glasses are appropriate for drinking champagne and sparkling wines. Each glass is individually blown, and the fineness of the bowl rim almost disappears when in contact with your lips. Peugeot Esprit 180 Champagne are gift boxed set/4.