Pek Preservino Professional Wine Preservation Set

See why TIME Magazine declared the Preservino to be one of the "Best Inventions of 2006"! The Pek Preservino Professional uses 100% argon technology to preserve open bottles of wine. The Pek Preservino Professional differs from the standard Preservino in three ways: 1) The beautiful rosewood gift box makes a very elegant presentation.2) Patended "Click and Pour" Wine Stoppers have a high-end brushed metal finish for a beautiful presentation on the wine bottle. 3) Patended "Click and Pour" Wine Stoppers save up to 67% in argon usage! Once the stopper is in place, you can pour as many glasses (or even sips) as you'd like without removing the stopper or re-applying the argon gas. You simply "Click".......and "Pour"! The Pek Preservino Professional is perfect for every wine lover on your gift list. Each gift set comes with a dispenser, an argon cartridge and two "Click and Pour" Professional Wine Stoppers. The Pek Preservino Professional is truly..... "Best in class for wine by the glass" Locks in Freshness Stylish chromed “Click & Pour” stoppers save 67% in argon usage Rosewood gift box