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Pampered Grape Wizard Corkscrew w/Non-Slip Stand

Wine aficionados agree that there really is no substitute for a great corkscrew. The Pampered Grape Wizard Corkscrew, with its state-of-the-art engineering and craftsmanship, allows for elegant and effortless removal of even the most difficult cork. Simply wrap the Pampered Grape Wizard Corkscrew's two ergonomically designed gripping handles onto the top of the wine bottle. Drive the corkscrew into the cork by lifting the top lever of the Wizard Corkscrew. With another quick movement of the lever, the cork is ejected from the Wizard Corkscrew.

The Pampered Grape Wizard Lever Model Corkscrew with Stand set includes:
Pampered Grape Wizard Corkscrew
Pampered Grape Foil Cutter
Pampered Grape Corkscrew Display Stand
Pampered Grape Replacement Worm

The Pampered Grape Wizard Lever Model Corkscrew comes with a 100% lifetime warranty