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Oggi Dial A Drink S/S 1-Liter Cocktail Shaker

A new twist on Oggi's classic dial-a-drink shaker, is updated with a new cap and recipes. This shiny retro-styled cocktail shaker offers up exact recipes for 15 perfectly mixed drinks, such as nostalgic Dry Martini's and Tom Collins and also with trendy drinks such as a Palm Beach and a Between the Sheets, the Dial-A-Drink is equipped with a built-in strainer at its top to keep ice and fruit out of your drink when pouring. Simply turn the base to select one of the 15 recipes and all the ingredients are listed- right at your fingertips. No bar should be without this fun stainless steal cocktail shaker. Just add the ingredients into the shaker and voila!- you've got your cocktail. The Oggi Dial A Drink S/S 1-Liter Cocktail Shaker is a ideal compliment to any bar.