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Norm Waiter's Corkscrew + Vacuum Pump- Black

The wine set features a clean and simple bottle design that matches other Norm designs, such as the groundbreaking aerators, Wine Breather and Cool Breather. All of the pieces in the set have a rubber coated surface that provides a comfortable and good grip, making it easy to handle wine properly. The vacuum pump sucks the air out of the wine bottle, creating a vacuum. This enables the wine to keep longer. The waiter’s corkscrew is designed with a knife at one end to quickly remove the foil and, at the other end, a stable spiral corkscrew and lever.

Norm Corkscrew and Vacuum Pump Dimensions:

Corkscrew:5.5 in (length)

Pump: 5 in (length)

Norm Corkscrew and Vacuum Pump Model Number:4615129