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Metrokane Vertical Houdini Corkscrew - Black

The famous Metrokane Houdini Corkscrews now has a vertical companion. Like the oringinal Metrokane Houdini Corkscrews, the Mertokane Black Vertical Houdini Corkscrew pulls a cork in 3 senconds,ejects the cork automatically and carries a 5-Year Warranty. The Metrokane Black Vertical Houdinin Corkscew has a die-cast metal handle and come in the three best-selling colors of the orginal verison of the Metrokane Houdini Corkscrews.

The Metrokane Vertical Houdini Corkscrew features:
Pulls a cork in 3 seconds flat
Automatically releases cork
User-friendly ergonomic design
Opens any size wine bottle
All gear teeth made of hardened metal
Separate foil cutter included

The Metrokane Vertical Houdini Corkscrew comes with a 5-year warranty