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Metrokane Houdini Wine Rack

Modular Rack expands "Like Magic" to fit your shelf, counter, or cupboard space. The compact design of the Houdini Wine Rack fits almost anywhere -- even in the fridge, to keep white wines cold. Modular rack expands and folds flat for storage. One rack holds 4 bottles Folds flat in the box -- but turns into a neat 4-bottle wine rack. Buy a second unit to connect and make an 8-Bottle rack. They connect quickly and easily with Add-on clips (included in the box). Multiple racks connect to hold 12, 24, 48 or more bottles. Space-saving design stores more bottles in less space than any other wine rack. High-tensile-strength wire and super-strong plastics give the Houdini Wine Rack remarkable structural strength. Test show multiple units can bear up to 3 times the weight of wine bottles they're designed to hold.