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Menu Blade Set, Vacuum Pump, Corkscrew, and Decanting Pourer (Black)

The Blade Set: Corkscrew, Vacuum Cap & Decanting Pourer by Menu includes the Twist corkscrew, the vacuum cap and the decanting pourer by the British design brothers-combination Designwright. Wine enthusiasts will get three tools for a greater enjoyment of wine at the same time. Designwright created the Blade decanting pourer dynamical and appealing. It has a wide pouring opening which improves the ventilation and also makes up a more pretty whole image with its transparency. Four ventilation gaps of the famous Vinturi ventilation system ensure enough ventilation of the wine; the rubber-coated surface is liquids repellent and therewith ideal to be used as decanting pourer. Also if there is nothing that might happen, since it is absolutely drop-free. The vacuum cap serves to close already opened wine bottles without damaging the taste of the noble drop. The Blade Twist corkscrew is an extremely practical, Teflon coated corkscrew which ensures that every cork leaves the bottle’s neck traceless and unbroken. Since the corkscrew uses opposite magnets to enter the bottle straight from above – the cork won’t have any chance to break. The Twist corkscrew and the vacuum cap – available in many different colours – have an ergonomic and aerodynamic design as well as a rubber, soft synthetics surface, pleasant to be touched.

Menu Blade Set, Vacuum Pump, Corkscrew, and Decanting Pourer Model Number:4626539