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Mandarin Chardonnay Lotion - 8oz.

Napa Soap Mandarin Chardonnay Grapeseed Oil Lotion will indulge your senses and your skin! Napa Soap Company enrichs the lotion with good things like wine, grapeseed oil, botanical extracts and pure essential oils to create a refreshingly experience. The Mandarin Chardonnay Lotion is enriched with natural products specifically sourced for their therapeutic properties cold-pressed Napa Valley grapeseed oil, nourishing avocado oil and rich shea butter, pure botanical extracts, vitamins and pure essential oils. This light moisturizer is perfect for just washed skin or overworked hands. Keep a bottle of the Mandarin Chardonnay Lotion by the bath and another by the sink so you won't ever be without it. It's a moisturizing treat for your skin and for your senses!