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L'Objet & LeVin Expand-to-fit Wine Bottle Stoppers

The ideal wine bottle stopper. This is everything a wine bottle stopper should be: sleek, easy to use, and most importantly, a perfect fit - with virtually every rim design. To preserve the freshness and flavor of partially consumed wines: Just slip the inside rubber stopper into the bottleneck. Then, push the lever down, letting the plug expand to provide a custome, spill-proof seal. To open: raise the lever... the the stopper lifts out for easy pouring. Set includes one "red" and one "white" color-coded stopper, making bottles easy to identify at parties and on buffet tables. Rugged stainless steel construction for years of use. L'Objet & LeVin Wine Accessories are wine lover's tools forged in traditions and inspired by innovation. Just like the wines of the Napa Valley. L'Objet & LeVin Wine Accessories are conceived for the connoisseur and novice alike, this comprehensive collection of corkscrews,serving pieces and storage equipment will add to the enjoyment of any vintage. Every L'Objet & LeVin wine accessory is custom designed for ease of use and broad aesthetic appeal. Ergonomically contoured handles and cleverly engineered mechanisms ensure trouble free operation. A contemporary look, highlighted with classical details and rich materials, ensures compatibility with any home decor.