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L'Objet & LeVin Battery Operated Vacuum Sealer

A technical breakthrough that makes preserving the contents of a partially consumed bottle of wine easier than ever before. No more exhausting up-and-down pumping required! Just position the neck guide over the inserted sure-seal stopper, push down gently and the battery operated pump automatically removes the air that breaks down fl avor. And the stopper tab lets you know when the vacuum seal is activated; the red ring disappears when the seal is complete. You actually see it working! Use with virtually any wine bottle, including fl anged rim designs. Set includes battery operated pump and 2 reusable sure-seal stoppers. 4 ‘AA’ batteries (not incl.) L'Objet & LeVin Wine Accessories are wine lover's tools forged in traditions and inspired by innovation. Just like the wines of the Napa Valley. L'Objet & LeVin Wine Accessories are conceived for the connoisseur and novice alike, this comprehensive collection of corkscrews,serving pieces and storage equipment will add to the enjoyment of any vintage. Every L'Objet & LeVin wine accessory is custom designed for ease of use and broad aesthetic appeal. Ergonomically contoured handles and cleverly engineered mechanisms ensure trouble free operation. A contemporary look, highlighted with classical details and rich materials, ensures compatibility with any home decor.