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Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Cleaner

Le Creuset cookware is as beautiful as it is functional. That's why professional chefs and experienced home cooks prefer to roast, sear, stir fry and bake with Le Creuset's gorgeous enameled cast iron pots, pans, roasters and dutch ovens. To keep them looking and performing their best, Le Creuset has created this Enameled Cast Iron Cleaner which quickly and safely removes heat stains, grime and discoloration from enameled cookware. The 8.45 oz capacity bottle contains a specially formulated, eco-friendly solution that not only cleans the cookware, but preserves and enhances the enamel finish so it retains it's fine, subtle glow year after year. Made in France. Features of the Le Creuset 8.45 oz Enameled Cast Iron Cleaner include: Cleans and safely removes heat stains, discoloration and grime from Le Creuset cookware Environmentally friendly solution preserves and enhances the shine of the enamel on cast iron cookware Flip-top cap seals tightly for safe storage of the bottle under the cabinet, or in the pantry 8.45 oz capacity bottle Made in France