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GoVino Shatterproof Stemless Glasses (Set of 4)

Why does the govino wine glass look and perform like crystal?
The govino wine glass is made from a proprietary, food/pharmaceutical safe polymer, only it is superior in that it reflects the wine's color and aromatics much like crystal. It is recyclable but better yet it is reusable.

Washing your govino wine glasses:
Hand wash only! Govino was designed for commercial use and can withstand most industrial glass sanitation systems (1-2 minutes at 160F). Since domestic dishwashers are so widely varied, we cannot claim our product is 100% "dishwasher safe."

Reuse it, abuse it, but eventually recycle it!
The govino wine glass is meant to be replaced after an extended period of use. Please inspect your govino wine glass before each use. Your wine deserves it!

GoVino Stemless Shatterproof Glass Specifications
Width: 3.3 inches
Height: 4.4 inches
Mouth: 2.5 inches
Volume: 6 ounces up to the mid point of the thumb notch - 16 ounces up to the brim