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Final Touch Jumbo Ice Ball Silicone Molds - Pack of 2

You might think that these Final Touch Jumbo Ice Ball Silicone Molds just make giant balls of ice but what they're really doing is saving your cocktails. Each and every ice ball you create has the chilling power to keep your drink cold with a larger surface area that slows down the evil effects of melting (like watered down booze.) Call it bold, call it heroic, just make sure you have one in your freezer. One ice ball experience and you'll realize the small, weak, cubed ice just doesn't have what it takes. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Made of durable long lasting silicone. Easy-to-see fill line helps to create a solid ice ball. Larger surface area ensures ice melts more slowly. Ideal for cocktails, liquors, and cold beverages of all kinds. Get creative and add fruit pieces or food coloring for a fun twist. Each mold makes 1 ice ball. Specs: Ice Ball Size: 2" Diameter. Includes: (2) Ice Ball Silicone Molds.