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Don't Break the Bottle - Wine Caddy

Drinking wine is one of life's greatest pleasures, not being able to open the bottle is one of life's greatest frustrations. This elegant, functional and enigmatic puzzle is a sure fire conversation starter. Slide the bottle into the metal caddy's cradle, lock the puzzle device and use it as your centerpiece. So imagine how exasperating it would be if you couldn't even get at the actual bottle in the first place. An ingenious gift idea to delight and entertain your host. It's dignified in style and distinct in quality. To enjoy the fruit of their labor, they must release the wine bottle from the enclosure. Watch your host's face turn from Chardonnay to Burgundy red as they sturggle to free the bottle! This may involve pushing the ball through, passing the rope over, or pulling the block around, one thing or another. When the puzzle is solved, use the caddy as your wine server!