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Cork Pops Cork Popper Legacy

The fastest and easiest way to open a bottle of wine! Using a cartridge of inert propellant, Cork Pops doesn´t pull the cork out - it "pushes" it out! Simply insert the needle through the cork and press the top of the opener to gently push the cork up and out- what could be easier? This product has a built in foil cutter to make it the perfect all in cork removing item for the money. The Cork Popper Legacy is a salute to vision - combining the best of our original Cork Pop features with new technology. It is the ultimate new bar accessory. The redesigned and engineered Cork Popper Legacy is designed to fit all traditional wine bottles as well as the new flanged lip bottles. The new rubberized black finish makes it the perfect addition to any style barware -- easier to grasp and the new streamlined shape makes it more user friendly and ergonomic. The Cork Popper Legacy utilizes the same low-pressure cartridge to gently remove the cork from the bottle without affecting the taste of the wine or harming the environment. It comes packaged with one cartridge which will open between 60-80 bottles of wine. The Cork Popper Legacy features a custom designed insertion guide and needle guard, as well as a patented cork release feature which removes the extracted cork from the opener with a simple twisting motion. The Cork Popper Legacy is the next generation in wine openers from the company that put the fun into opening a bottle of wine.