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Cabernet Soapignon Soap - 6oz.

The Napa Valley in a bar of soap! This berry scented soap is an intoxicating blend of Napa Valley greapeseed oil, olive, coconut, palm & sweet almond oils, chocolaty cocoa butter and a healthy dose of Napa Valley red wine. These beautiful soaps are all wrapped in hand-made flower petal paper and tied with a satin ribbon. The Cabernet Soapignon Soap is made only from the finest all-natural ingredients. The Cabernet Soapignon Soap is 100% natural using plant-derived ingredients to ensure a gentle cleansing experience. Due to the handcrafted nature of the Cabernet Soapignon Soap, each bar is unique. Slight variances in shape, size, scent and color will occur assuring you of the natural composition of these quality products. The Cabernet Soapignon Soap is handmade in the Napa Valley.