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Argyle Screw Top Vacuum Pump / Stopper - Set of 2

The Argyle Screw Top Vacuum Pump/Stopper set includes two unique wine tools. The combination set includes a stopper, pourer and aerator all in one, featuring a revolutionary patented design enabling the tool to fit both screw top and non screw top wine bottles. Once secured to the bottle the pourer ensures no messy drips, whilst the breather takes the edge off sharp tasting wines rapidly infusing oxygen into the wine while you pour. When you are finished, replace the stopper and the bottle is perfectly sealed. The set also includes a combination vacuum pump and stopper that will fit both screw and non screw top wine bottles. Insert the stopper into the neck of the bottle, tighten down the screw collar and pump to expel oxygen from the partly full bottle. The vacuum creates a seal that will keep your open bottles of wine fresher for longer. The Argyle range of products is made up of quality tools to meet the needs of wine enthusiasts. The basic items such as corkscrews and champagne stoppers are used commercially and are considered to be among the best in the world. Argyle has been designing, patenting and manufacturing its distinctive range of wine tools for more than 20 years.