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Argyle Foil Cutter

The Argyle Foil Cutter by Fox Run Craftsmen removes wine caps with ease. The Argyle Foil Cutter is a simple and effective tool and a necessity for all wine enthusiasts. This The Argyle Foil Cutter device fits over the capsule on a wine bottle and when depressed 4 wheels will cleanly cut the wine capsule with a simple quarter turn. The Argyle Foil Cutter removes wine caps with a simple quarter turn in either direction and easily compresses to fit all standard bottles of wine. The Argyle Foil Cutter features four strengthened cutting wheels that cut capsules cleanly with no jagged edges. Argyle is known throughout he world as a specialist supplier an leader in the field of wine accessories has been designing, patenting and manufacturing its distinctive range of wine tools for more than 20 years.